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Where does it belong? They say home is where your heart is. What is home to you? Is it a feeling? After the recent crashes, saaf safai ho gayi? No matter, how hard you scrub, it will stay there to remind you of where you broke. I recommend reading about kintsugi. The 6 Of Swords is here to help.

She is the beginning of the end of failure. She is the eye of the storm. Whatever took you by surprise at work in the last couple of months has given you this period of grace. In relationships, you will learn how to engage with subjects that you find toxic and people who bring them up using only… wait for it… your self-love!

A lot will be up, Keks. Actually, I hear everything. Nobody told the voices that all messengers now have a video call feature?

In relationships, single-mindedly go after the people you love, make them happy. Not how you know to make people happy but how they want to be made happy.

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6 days ago Cancer weekly horoscope for December 24, on love, relationships, money, career and more. At Astrology King, your weekly Cancer Tarot. Get your free Weekly Cancer horoscope and find out what the planets have predicted for your day, week, month and year. Browse through your daily horoscope.

This is the week to put your back into it and work, work, work, work. Yes, Riri better be on that playlist! When I say work, I really mean drudgery.

Daily Planetary Overview

Not painful and exhausting but routine. The good news is that the cards send you Strength. Strength looks out for you and keeps you from making stupid booboos. Strength keeps your head in the game by reminding you that you need to do these routine things to do the things you like at other times.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 December 2018

In relationships, push yourself out of your comfort zone with friends, family and lovers. Tell them things and ask them things that make both of you uncomfortable. That will teach you the zen art of radical tenderness. Sabse pehle toh decisions ki dukaan ka shutter down karo aur taala lagaa do. You are not taking any decisions this week.

If you really, really, really need to take a decision, set up a committee of your closest and biggest fans. This week is that exam.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 December 2018

Now, prepare to deal with an information overload. Yes, lots and lots of things are going to come at you this week. Just hoard that garbage. I like to use a whiteboard with quadrants drawn onto it.


Whatever works best for you. The 2 Of Wands is here to give you a gurumantra to get through this week. Zindagi raat bhi hai, savera bhi hai zindagi, zindagi hai safar aur basera bhi hai zindagi. Ek pal dard ka daanv hai, doosra sukh bhari chhaaon hai. This is the week to find that sukh bhari chhaaon. Libre-aachi, the beautiful thing about life is that things are always changing.

And you, the keepers of balance in life, know it better than most. A holiday is never not an ideal situation though. You just need to sit back at your work desk a little, and not take the stress. This week begins with a full moon in the sky and the cards have sent you The Moon.

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Your sukh bhari chhaaon could be the pleasant moonlight under which, you can lie on the sand and look at the craters in the moon, think about your pitfalls, look at the stars and think of everything you want to do. So allocate your free time to love. Have you ever played a sport? If not, this is a good week to start playing something.

When I say sport, I just mean a game which involves physical activity. So while your mind is busy calculating all the possible ways in which the various moving parts of your life are going, your body is still.

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I recommend sport rather than solo workouts because your competitive spirit also needs to feel rewarded right now.

The Page Of Pentacles is here to supplement the dopamine and serotonin release by helping you see all the roads you have lying ahead of you. This works for both work and personal life.

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With Jupiter in Scorpio, you will feel very vulnerable. Every the smallest of slights against you or someone you love will feel like someone dropped a bomb. By everything, I mean everything.

Even your attacks will be stronger.

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Work and relationships come in the way. To pay bills and rent. To help a friend. Prioritise and work on stuff that is urgent. During the week you will receive interesting or curious news related to woman born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

The good things about this week is that all problems and troubles will be "from day to day" and will not have a long-lasting impact on your mood. Cancer women will experience an event or encounter related to a person who was part of their past. Definitely someone with whom you have been separeted in the past for various reasons will seek contact you.

Men will receive information about past events, the development of which has remained a mystery to them in the past. Cancer Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 December If you are born under the sign of Cancer, this week you will be discussing or engaging in various financial costs and affairs relating to a child or a young relative.

Some of you may consider or decide on an investment for education or the life of a child. This week you will have more meetings, conversations, or engagements with children and young people. Surprises in some way will be related to your past or people you have known for many years.

You can be an easy prey to people with unclean and dubious intentions, or those who will try to manipulate you to their own advantage. The love life of those born under the sign of Cancer will be interesting, especially if you appreciate your partner's positive qualities and do not crunch the disadvantages that everyone really has.