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Virgo: Your daily horoscope - December 28

Be ambitious but proceed with some caution. Mental harmony, gentle love, and pondering the big questions — these call you during this easy week and the next two. Buy travel tickets, know your legal rights, contact scholars, foreigners. But realize this whole zone is unreliable, and will tend to spark your least honourable motives, so proceed cautiously, with an eye on yourself.

Recent sensual intensity around a friendship or a friendly love attraction, dies down now to mid-February. At the same time, this intensity shifts to your inner and private worlds, which will aid your financial and intimate goals. Relationships face you — in loving ways. Jump on opportunities, deal with the public, make friends, show affection.

Now you plunge to the heart of your mate, or persuade business associates to reveal their finances. A high-tech investment looks good. Gentle love, travel, intellectual pursuits. This area will draw you, perhaps mightily; yet it also holds unexpected, and often seemingly inexplicable results. This holds especially true with finances and sex.

Though the few weeks ahead emphasize this tri-part possibility, the entire 17 months ahead offer the same warning. BTW, the open, honest side of relationships remains very favourable. You feel in love. The world shines with beauty. A relationship either sparks with sudden attraction, or surprises in the other direction. To work, chores await.

Take care of your health. Your Monday efforts could yield praise, even promotion vibes. Relationships, relocation themes, fresh horizons even mentally — accept different ideas , opportunities and dealings with the public fill this interval. You could fall in love! This is admiration of someone; if only lust speaks, be cautious.

The other person might be more than ready. Only one possible glitch, early Thurs. But a superb few days! Avoid an argument Fri.

Wondering what lies ahead for you this week? Peter Vidal interprets the stars for you.

6 days ago Virgo weekly horoscope for December 24, on love, relationships, money, career and more. Your Astrology King weekly Virgo Tarot card is randomly. are possible. Virgo Monthly Horoscope · Virgo Horoscope 6 days ago Virgo January Love Horoscope; Virgo January Money The Sun is here until 20th January and Mercury from 5th January to 24th January. for the first time since and here until 15th February, he is the Mars returned to your work sector in May, for what should have been a six week visit.

Do some research or detective work. Relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities, relocation themes, and dealings with the public are emphasized this week and the next few. For the next 17 months, be cautious with all these themes — but especially this January and particularly Jan. For 6 weeks ahead, higher-ups grow impatient, yet might promote you.

Virgo Weekly Tarot Reading 24th-30th December 2018 !!

Hug the kids, bake, repair, relax, sink into nature, garden and other beauties. A career demand might draw you away — be calm.

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Passion, romance, self-expression, creative and risk-taking actions, beauty and pleasure fill this interval, and fill it fortunately.

Your heart could soar. But someone met Tues. To work — and improve your health vitamins, exercise, etc.

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Usually, this would be a good time to start a new link, but consider carefully before you commit. Is filled with chores, as are the next two. Do what is necessary, no more. This is a smooth, easy week. Just plod ahead and get it done. Errands, trips, visits, calls, paperwork.

One of these might bring you to a love, or a mentally-stimulating friend. Be home, hug the kids and spouse! But be wary Tues. A friendship leads to laughter, wit — value this person!

Sidestep a conflict Fri. And the next two emphasize creativity, risk, winning, happy, charming kids, beauty, pleasure, and deep romance. Some of this will be good, but much will subtly sabotage your progress.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 December 2018

This Astrology Cosmic Calendar for the upcoming week in the year will help you know about the daily life events and activities that will unfold Be ambitious but proceed with some caution. Your practical talents and your results-oriented outlook will be greatly in vogue in coming years. Every time in your life brings its appropriate strategy, and right now your best plan is to seize the moral high ground. The accent lies on domesticity this week and the next two, Libra. Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn are here to teach you about expansion and contraction, i.

In pleasure, default to social pleasure or group activities. Monday starts 6 weeks of intense sexual desire — and magnetism. Seek money and bargains. Pay bills and send invoices. This is a light, busy, upbeat time. Perform errands, visits, travel, communications, media or paperwork. Be curious, ask questions, read, note details. Relationships lean toward harmony, affection, esp.

This is your area of great good luck in You might buy a property — splendid results! So do beauty, immediate pleasure, creative and speculative urges, sports and games. A new love might begin. Mostly smooth, but avoid a conflict over sex or finances Friday. The accent lies on domesticity this week and the next two, Libra.

A rather good money period ends next week, so do what you can now in purchasing, collecting, seeking a raise or new clients, etc.

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Monday begins 6 weeks of intense relationship vibes. If single, you might meet your mate much better, for most Libras, after Jan. If married, your bond either sparkles and re-ignites, or constant fighting begins.

The present week is fairly smooth. Your energy and attractiveness remain high.

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All is well — good luck rides with you. Your work and health benefit Mon.

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Errands, communications, travel, casual contacts, paperwork, media, curiosity — dive into these. Your communications style, BTW, is admired by more than one person now. You could begin a love affair, almost without expecting it — or make or cement a great friendship. Only one false note, pre-dawn Thurs. The accent lies on easy chores, errands, travel, casual friends, chatting and all daily i.

Your real luck in lies in money and profundities. Soon, this money luck will swell, Jan. Monday begins 6 weeks of hard work. Do it, forget chatting, twiddling —especially Tues.

Lie low, contemplate, watch and listen, rest. Your energy and personal appeal soar! Get out, see and be seen, start significant projects, be a leader, ask favours, be with someone you want to impress. This report gives an indication of gainful times during the year. If planning expansion or backward integration, the report gives you an indication of the right time to do so.

The report does include remedial rituals needed for smooth running of affairs. We have been successfully providing assistance using principles, provision of Vedic Astrology since last 15 years. Accuracy and reliability are of our main concern. Have something on the mind to share?

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This week you will be interested in skillfully presenting your products in the local market. This will make a good path for progress related to your business in the upcoming Read More. In the first phase of the week you will have good opportunities in your academic sector. In the technical education and period studies, you will be having a good time as you will be Read More.

This week you will present a time table in your office. This will help your employees to plan their work in a better way. You will regularly present the figures for Read More.

You will be engaged in making a comfortable atmosphere in your professional life with your efforts. There will be a growth in your courage this week.

You will be happy Read More. This week you will start formally about the necessary formalities for a land purchase. But you will need to give more time to verify its legal aspects as well. You will get the Read More.

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This week you will be able to enhance your positivity physically and mentally. This will give you a strong lead in your livelihood areas. You will be more energetic related to Read More.