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Look at your attitudes, beliefs, and even your relationships. Venus and Mercury are both related to relationships. Venus governs the sensual, romantic, and creative elements of them, while Mercury is all about texting, talking, and the platonic side of connection.

Stay rooted in what you can do based on what you know now. Finally, on the 19th Mars will form an irritating square to expansive Jupiter. These two planets are likely to kick up some drama and even fighting if you're not careful, as both of their energies can induce entitlement. Beware of your self-absorption, and strive to afford others the same liberties that you feel you deserve.

Your way is not the only way, dear one. Your truth is not the only truth. With the shift of Jupiter into Sagittarius, and now Mars in Pisces, we run the risk of confusing our heartfelt beliefs with gospel.

Instead of losing energy on disagreements, advance your agenda by supporting the people, causes, and projects that you believe in. Use your power to promote what you love, and leave what you hate to itself, my love. Make sure that your action is paired with wisdom this week, Aries.

Yes, this is a good time for change, but not just any change. Do the work to remember what you want, and pair that self-knowledge with action. Make improvements, not distractions, my love.

Instead of indulging your fears with catastrophizing thoughts, try to keep yourself in the here and now. You can put one foot in front of the other, so just do that. How you respond to it is a matter of free will, Taurus. Find new ways to position yourself to old worries. Tend to your feels with patience, and seek simple solutions to even the most complicated of problems, Twin Star.

This week will test your ability to manage your self-care independently of your relationships. Strive to honor your feels without constantly checking in with others for validation. Your experience is yours alone. Create meaningful changes, my love. This week will deliver opportunities to be brave, dear Libra. Find ways you can show up, goals that motivate you, and things you can be grateful for.

There's no way of knowing what comes next, but you can manage your feels in the here and now with grace and intention. In doing so, you're preparing for tomorrow by getting right with yourself today.

Letting go is hard work; it requires you to lean into uncertainty, stay present with your feels, and resist the urge to move to the next playing field. This week will bring up a lot of intense feels, and the best thing to do is be here for it.

Instead of seeking power, seek the truth. Instead of seeking answers, seek the nuance. Use your powers of discernment wisely this week. You can too easily abandon yourself in efforts to get along. Be here for the complexity that is an inevitable part of your relationships. What you care about, how you move forward, and why you do whatever comes next are all very revealing about you.

Get present, get honest, and get organized. You're on your way up, and you need only make self-appropriate choices from here. Letting go can be downright terrifying. This week Mars moves into your sign, making this the perfect time to work on your relationship to your own self-worth.

Seek balance within yourself, sweet Pisces.

On the 7 th there is a powerful New Moon in Scorpio that delivers deep healing potential. New Moons happen when the Moon and Sun meet in the sky at the exact same degree, and they happen once per year in each sign.

When it comes to the Moon, the only way out is in, so stay with whatever comes up for you this week instead of trying to explain it away or ignore it. Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign. Your shadow is a part of you, and only by accepting and owning it can you transform it.

Be willing to use your feelings as information. Here are some questions to explore, as honestly as you can. Now is the time to heal your wounds.

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Furthermore, can I commit to a living amends? As Jupiter, the planet of luck and benevolence leaves Scorpio on the 7 th and enters Sagittarius, we have the potential to let go of some of the pain that the past year has unearthed.

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Beginnings and endings are irrevocably linked up with each other. The healing that Jupiter provokes tends to be quick, but it may not be thorough. This shift is a powerful one. It opens the door to strangers, it opens minds, and it yields an increased potential for understanding others, especially those who have cross-cultural experiences.

This transit will last about a year, and it marks a time of increased growth. The only trouble is that not all things should grow. The downside of this energy is that it can compel you to jump to conclusions, to sacrifice common sense to your impulses, and to err on the side of extremes.

While this can help us to better understand each other, it can also lead to cross-gendered mansplaining, aka soapboxing. This is a period where we can find new ways of communicating and learn a ton, but this will require listening at least as much as you speak.

We are moving into a time when you get to rewrite your story.

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If you do this at the expense of the truth, justice, or fairness, you will find that you are restless and hungry. You are not better than anyone else, and you are not worse.

Confront your shadow with kindness. Embrace yourself so that you may heal, and then use the resiliency of your own healing as a resource that you can share with others. Good intentions, thoughts, and prayers are only the first in the many steps needed from each and every one of us. Believe it or not, you can put some things down now in order to more effectively deal with them later.

Take the time you need to consider your past. Commit to learning from your experiences rather than dooming yourself to repeat them, dear Taurus. When things slow down is when you start to stress out.

Slow down and regroup this week, Twin Star. Realign your plans with your circumstances. Be willing to make carefully considered changes based on the information that you have now, my love. Show up emotionally for yourself and the people in your life.

Align yourself with the generosity of spirit that helps you to not only have peace within yourself but to also generate it in the world around you.

Letting go is hard work, even when that letting go is absolutely the right thing to do. Your feelings are a response to your situation right now in tandem with the baggage you came here with. Be patient and kind as you work through them, Leo. Instead of taking those feelings at face value, try to investigate them.

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Why do you want control? And truly — of what? Even better, try not creating them in the first place. Change yourself before you go trying to change others, Virgo. Embrace what you have with both arms, Libra. This week, the power of gratitude will help buoy you along. Take pains to appreciate the air you breathe, the food that nourishes you, and all the other little things that are so easy to take for granted.

Counterbalance the tough stuff by paying greater mind to the abundance in your life. The New Moon in your sign on the 7th marks a powerful shift for you, Scorpio. This can be a time when you feel overwhelmed and shut down, or you rise to the occasion by using the tools and inner resources at your disposal. Be your own best ally, my love.

You are here now, and you have a part to play in the events of your life. Reconnect with your sense of purpose, and let that guide you — not being right, not rushing to the part where you understand the big picture.

Get accustomed to uncertainty, and strive to pair it with faith and patience this week. You can only make plans based on the information you have, so start there. Dont' try to cultivate a long-view when so many details are blocking your view. Do only what you can today, and handle tomorrow when it comes, Cappy.

Find strength in your vulnerability and a purpose that can propel you to whatever comes next. You seriously need a break, Pisces. Saying no to a person is not the same as denouncing them; give yourself the same latitude as you would offer to others.

Prioritize self-care, my love. The Scorpio New Moon, occurring November 7th, serves as a time to heighten sensations, allowing us to swim in the deepest depths of our souls imaginable, through the magical power of the orgasm. Tantric Magic can help us manifest our dreams through the flow of energy.

Use this luminary to open your mind through Tantric Magic. Alchemical power is transformational. Sexual energy is the source of life and Tantra is a vehicle that may be used for cultivating and transforming it for personal, spiritual, sexual and non-sexual healing and growth. Tantra allows us to clear our minds and rid our bodies of emotional pain, fear, shyness, and feelings of inadequacy.

Tantra has the potential to transform and expand our perception of and relationship with ourselves, our lovers, and the universe. It opens the doorway for more self acceptance, love, connection with universal energy, and a broader, fuller, deeper experience of life.

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Being at one with our bodies and minds will help guide our intuition and clear your chakras, which allows us to be more connected to the spiritual plane, thus, heightening our magical powers. Before we begin with the two Tantra exercises, think about your intention. Mediate for a few minutes on what you wish to bring into your life under this luminary.

Also, think about what no longer serves your higher good.


Once you have envisioned your desires, you can begin the techniques below. With your intention in mind, start these exercises. Then, when you are done, with your intention still present, you may pleasure yourself. Your orgasms will be bountiful, and you will have a pleasurable correlation between your body and New Moon intention, allowing you to achieve your goals.

This newfound clarity will purify the body. By achieving a clear mind, your inner vibration will rise, allowing your highest self to radiate in your magic. Spinal Cord Breathing vitalizes the spine, increases flexibility, improves natural flow of cerebrospinal fluid, stimulates the adrenal and thymus glands and relaxes the back so you can sit more comfortably in prolonged meditation.

This technique may be practiced standing with a straight spine or sitting with a comfortably straight spine in a hard, straight backed chair without leaning against the back of the chair.

Let your chest and ribcage spread open and as you push air out of your abdomen, retract your shoulders and fists, bring your shoulder blades together, press your neck back and gently clench your teeth. Tongue Extenstion engages the respiratory, pelvic floor, and diaphragm.

It oxygenates and strengthens the tongue. Be advised, you may feel your perineum located between the genitals and anus moving in tandem with your tongue.

As air rushes in your body, it will also oxygenate and strengthen your tongue and tendons and promote strong energy flow up through the central channel.

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Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates! To honor the dead is to honor life. Whatever you celebrate, this powerful time is a reminder to honor the Spirit world and those who have passed on — and to do so with respect, intention, and a loving heart. Around this date, try to have experiences with others for the sake of adventure and joy. What you feel, learn, and even what you yearn for are all opportunities to better understand yourself.

This is a moment that calls for you to investigate your values and whether or not your choices reflect them. Pay close attention to your dreams around this date, and do something kind for others.

This transit can increase your empathy or simply be a time for daydreaming. Do something that is bigger than you. Smile at a stranger. Or, just get involved in something that you believe in and that will help the world at large. Be weary of self-righteousness or defensive power plays; own your choices or change them up. You are entitled to act any kind of way, but you are not free from consequences.

Astrology teaches the interconnectedness of all people and things, as well as intentions. What you do, even in the private space of your own mind, is connected to your ancestors and to generations to come.

When your individuality is expressed at the expense of the community, things tend to get complicated. Uranus governs rebellious, radical, and progressive energies, and Aries is a very me-first sign. Find your voice in the upheaval of the world, in efforts to make it a better place. Frequency about 24 videos per week Since Feb Channel youtube.

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