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Your energy and attractiveness remain high. All is well — good luck rides with you.

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Only one false note, pre-dawn Thurs. Simple to use interactive web chat and video readings web chat video chat. Recent sensual intensity around a friendship or a friendly love attraction, dies down now to mid-February. Manage your newsletters To manage your subscriptions, please type in your email below. Monthly General Astrology Forecast January read more. An immature, unmatched relationship tends to break.

Your work and health benefit Mon. Errands, communications, travel, casual contacts, paperwork, media, curiosity — dive into these. Your communications style, BTW, is admired by more than one person now. You could begin a love affair, almost without expecting it — or make or cement a great friendship.

Only one false note, pre-dawn Thurs. The accent lies on easy chores, errands, travel, casual friends, chatting and all daily i.

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Your real luck in lies in money and profundities. Soon, this money luck will swell, Jan. Monday begins 6 weeks of hard work. Do it, forget chatting, twiddling —especially Tues. Lie low, contemplate, watch and listen, rest.

Your energy and personal appeal soar! Get out, see and be seen, start significant projects, be a leader, ask favours, be with someone you want to impress.

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Good time for a date, esp. Monday eve favours romance. If married, your kids lift your heart. Find bargains, seek clients, ask for more pay, etc.


Your memory functions at top level now — good time to learn, memorize. A late, great lucky stroke could solve money-domestic-repair-work problems or lead to a great opportunity in the same zone. Or, you could make a new friend! Avoid a work conflict — and follow safety rules on Fri.

Money, income sources, buying bargains, selling, sensual attractions and rote learning e. Monday starts 6 weeks of intense romance creative, inventive, gambling, pleasure pursuits for the non-romantic. Optimism, social joys, popularity! Retreat, lie low, contemplate and concoct plans.

Virgo Weekly Tarot 10-16 December 2018 - Aquarian Insight

Interface with civil servants, admin. Good time to visit a doctor, psychic, or such, esp. This day also aids your progress in domestic zones. Avoid money, buying, Tues. Clout, effectiveness, charisma, energy — all high! Start significant projects, see and be seen, be a leader.

A casual comment or brief trip could introduce you to new love, even a marital opportunity. Or, ongoing links surprise with happiness. Be careful what you wish for.

Your energy, clout, effectiveness, charisma, all are at a yearly high. BUT — what are you doing with it? This is not a time for independence — try to use your heightened charisma to attract others, and then to hop on THEIR bandwagon.

In your case, it refers to your desire to advance yourself, to be in charge, and to be independent. Monday begins 6 weeks of intensity, determination and action on your home front.

You might need to decide swiftly! Not a major thing. Wishes can come true, especially during this lucky interval!

Virgo Horoscope

Optimism, popularity, social joys, entertainment, flirtations — all buoy your spirits. A friend will get in touch Mon. Retreat, regather your strength, recharge your emotional and mental batteries. Your energy, charisma, et al, return powerfully! Use your energy and charisma, high now, to join others rather than separate. Going your own way will be like conquering an empty city, as the I Ching says.

Monday starts 6 weeks of hectic activity — mail, calls, visits, paperwork, etc. Daydream, or engage in philosophical discussions. You might get a request to travel. Your career is very favoured, higher-ups are receptive.

Monday, try inserting money factors — e. Avoid seeking employment or a career boost in management or administrative areas Tues. Poonam Ji Namaste You have not updated tarot card prediction for this week?

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Kindly update here, I am a regular reader. You can see so many people are eagerly waiting for her column. No weekly no yearly predictions which we wait eagerly.

We wait for your post why have you started skipping weekly tarot broadcast. Does this mean you have stopped thinking about your followers. Mataji, I am Cancerian and having lots of problems with my wife who complains to her parents with lies from past two.

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She left me alone over here in London and went off to India. Please suggest why this is happening. She is a Gemini. These guys publish the weekly forecast on alternate basis.

Its better if you stop publishing the predictions at all!!

We are not receiving updates from the Astrologer on regular basis. Sorry — but when it comes to us — we publish.