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Scorpio - 2019

All that is left for you to do over the coming months is to bring stability to all that you've gained.

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Determination is a precious quality when it isn't joined by useless stubbornness. On the 10th, Mercury will increase your intuition, and, on the 18th, the sun in Pisces will arm you with great charm for a month.

In the end, Mars in Taurus, will, on the 14th, get your romantic life moving! Your email address will not be displayed nor used, it only serves in case of abuse. Cancel your web notifications.

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This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Tarot of Mademoiselle Lenormand. Your heart will shine like a light bulb and send energy to the whole world. If there will be a "best radio host" contest announced, then the winner will undoubtedly be someone born in the sign of Cancer.

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The horoscope anticipates that Cancer will acquire the ability to relieve the pain of others. Furthermore, the horoscope assures Cancer that in February he or she will be able to overcome all problems that may be following your zodiac sign for many months.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019

Where others stop, Cancer will still have enough power to go a step further. In February Leo is able to develop the business talent and will be lucky in all kinds of markets.

Whether you are interested in stocks, bonds, or just want to sell an antique candlestick from your grandmother at eBay, or if you are looking for a kitchen appliances at discount price — according to the horoscope, Leo's success is simply guaranteed.

But beware of flashy clothing. An eccentric scarf or a bizarre T-shirt is great if you want to be famous or looking for new acquaintance. But if Leo wants to relax, and it seems to be this case in February , then inspire yourself rather by chameleon or owl simply forget that the Leo is the king of all animals , because they can perfectly blend with the environment.

The February horoscope also underscores the ability to deftly handle words. Leo, you can flatter the customers, the superiors and the loved ones, and perfectly formulate ideas in addition.

Virgo, your February horoscope sounds similar to a big cannon shot.

But, do not be afraid. The horoscope reveals that such loud bang is not a synonym for the army attack but it is simply a noisy start of applause or fanfare. The stars are favourable to your zodiac sign, so whatever you intend to do, you may succeed.

Imagine that the big cannon shot is accompanying your unexpected victory.

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February will become a fertile soil even to very modest people born in the sign of Virgo. Your actions will grow into nutritious cereals though the whole year. Virgo should be careful only with highly seductive fantasy.

The vague difference between reality and fiction may, according to the horoscope, spoil some important decisions, mostly in investment or finance. Libra, if you ever wanted to become a spy and a hero, you will surely appreciate February If you suspect that you are being carefully monitored by your mother-in-law, then you will finally be able to confirm or deny that presumption.

Similarly, if a beloved counterpart or even a superior at work crosses the allowed boundaries of your privacy, then it is time to set them up again. The February horoscope says that you will show to others clearly what they can and what they can't do. At the same time, Libra should review all given promises but check also who owes you.

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The February horoscope also informs people born under Libra that you have a unique opportunity to organize your life newly professionally it would be called "restructuring".

According to the February horoscope, the exploration talent of Scorpio will be on the rise. Your career may take a huge leap and benefit you, because of the positive impact of Jupiter on you, during this time, informs Ganesha.

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Add Comment Cancel reply. For example, all your hurdles related to your ancestral property will be resolved and settled, that will remove a lot of your burden from your head. You May Undertake Pilgrimage For all the Scorpios, this year may have its own advantages and disadvantages, that you may have to experience as per your Scorpio yearly horoscope. Mercury will enter Pisces on the 10th, and the sun on the 18th. Leo, you can flatter the customers, the superiors and the loved ones, and perfectly formulate ideas in addition. According to the horoscope February will reveal the fragility or strength of Gemini's relationships. Only in the ideal harmony you will find the right ideas.

Although, at the starting of the year, the conditions prevailing will help you to gain success due to the concurrence of the Sun-Mercury and Venus-Jupiter, it is highly recommended to take really good care of your health by eating right and regularly exercising.

Another important aspect is that during the time period between 21st June to 1st July, you may not be able to make clear decisions and come to any final conclusions, making it very difficult for you to come to any concrete judgments.

This is due to the untimely and unfavourable movement of your planets which will also make you restless, worried and uneasy.

Scorpio horoscope February 2019

This may also have a negative influence on your health which should be taken care of, at any cost. Apart from this, there are very good chances for you to indulge in travelling this year, according to your Scorpio horoscope.

As far as expenditure is concerned according to your Scorpio life in , there is a possibility that you may involve yourself spiritually, and spend money on various activities related to the same.

You may also have to expend some on medical facilities that you may be provided with, and to add further, you may be very distressed about your children as well, all due to the effect of Saturn.

This year, you will get the fruits and benefits of your hard work, and your efforts at work, thus will be considered.