February 25 tarot

Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: February 19-25, 2018

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It will be good to know that the environment you are in are also aware of these sparks between you. So you might need to be a bit more discrete depending on where you are.

There is some kind of silence on the workfloor that makes you enthusiastic or inspired. Maybe you feel that you can add something to the situation on your work like that your talents are a great fit with this environment.


If there is information missing in regard to your work you feel inspired to find the key that fits to unlock this information. Life is not always about happy faces like social media makes us believe.

Sometimes when we get unexpected news or information that do not meet our expectations it causes us hurt. You might have taken too much weight on your shoulders and so you are cautious on how to continue with it. If you recognize this during the week , this hurt is a very temporary situation when you take what it needs to make your situation better: It will only take a longer time if you would make a drama of it.

It is an art to recognize the situation for what it is and to handle it with care. It is like someones hurt is hurting you as well this week. This is what happens for example when the person we met seem to be different from what we thought or when we face the truth about someone positive or negative.

This could be you or your partner.

The cards show this is temporary situation but you might feel a bit cautious about it. It could be about something very small but it still makes you see the other person from a different perspective. If you are single and you met someone interesting it could be that you feel this is a burden on your shoulders.

February 25 March 5 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading

Be conscious of what you feel and what will be best on a realistic level. Also assumptions that a certain story that someone told us is right can cause us hurt. This is why the news and media can cause conflict but actually not many know the real story.

Assumptions on the workfloor are causing hurt for the company. That is why analyzing and numbers are important.

Weekly Tarot Reading for Feb 25 - March 3

Expectations on the workfloor are more indications which can be used as a goal to work on. So when you have a business that is based on assumptions you might can expect some hurt this week but it will help you to make a better plan. Weekly tarot readings by email and FREE tarot reading tips by email?

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If you need to learn new things at your work, your collegues are happy to help. If there is information missing in regard to your work you feel inspired to find the key that fits to unlock this information. Learn how your comment data is processed. Without Jupiter we would not be here. What does your ideal society look like? This means you will be aided by a movement of energy.

Choose a color and comment your color. Check out the tarot reading below Ask your question about love, finances or career: RED Hierophant This week will differ from last week because this week you will feel very welcome in many environments.

Mar 22, February 25 Tarot Card: Ten of Pentacles (Cat People deck) Your life and spirit are overflowing now ~ good things are coming to you. Mar 28, February 25 Tarot Card: Temperance (Cat's Eye deck) Be calm, be patient, be open. When you strike balance in your mind and soul, the world.

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