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The Horoscopes are now available! Do you need in-depth advice? Email Horoscopes Email address. December 28, The Devil Reversed Liberation from oppressive forces.

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You have escaped treachery and deceit. It's easier to walk away from something now, go before you are turned around. Deeper emotional connection on equal footing is possible in a relationship. Two against one for the greater good. Dark forces have lost their influence.


Strong positive emotions are ruling force. Someone needs strength of your character to assist them out of a bad time. The Aquarius woman is enigmatic, eccentric, and free-spirited. She has a weird and unique sense of humor. Any man looking to woo her has to make her laugh.

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Aquarius - Yearly horoscope for Aquarius. Though they show the best part of themselves to their friends and families, Aquarius can be moody and anxious in romantic relationships. The Water Bearer Date: Email Horoscopes Email address. Those who are working as bank employees would be benefitted. If you are seeking funding through a bank, for your own business, you may be more successful than you had imagined. Economy Investment in stocks will also be very favorable and will gain important sums by this mean.

Aquarius is smart and wants to have intelligent and good conversations with a potential partner. She sees herself as a unique and true individual and she is looking for someone who is equally different from everyone else. Though Leo and Aquarius are opposing signs, they have an inexplicable attraction to each other.

They do have some trust issues, but they understand each other enough that they can work through their problems. They are both heroic people who will fight for the things they believe in. Together Leo and Aquarius can be a formidable force for good in this world.

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Each is what the other has been looking for all their lives. Leo and Aquarius are able to bring out the best in each other.

In order to avoid conflict, they each need to remember to keep their egos in check and give the other their time to shine. Aquarius is not a very emotional sign.

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Instead, they are reserved and guarded with their feelings. In the eyes of Aquarius, Cancer is too emotional and needy.

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Together, these two signs will have a strained and stressful relationship. They both want and value different things. Cancer can be too intense, talking about family and marriage at the start of the relationship.

At the end of the day, Cancer and Aquarius will never understand each other.

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They will have horrible communication and neither one will change for the other. Prev Article Next Article. General Overview The 11th sign in the Zodiac Symbol: The Water Bearer Date: January 20th — February 18th Element: Blue, Teal, Grey, Black Day: