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A friend you can really trust. Someone who always knows the right thing to say.

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Try our 3 card tarot reading to find the past, present and future of a situation in your life today. Sit in a quiet place and as you shuffle the cards, ask your question . Did You Know That With Just A Three Card Tarot Spread You Can Gain A Better Understanding Of Your Past, Present And Future? Try It Now And Be Amazed!.

For me, it has to involve some kind of adventure! If I had to lie on a beach all day, I would go crazy with boredom!

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I can get a bit bossy, but only because I know what needs to be done! I am brilliant at getting things off the ground even if I am not as good at seeing things through! I am not really interested in getting to the top but I get a lot of satisfaction from running things properly. I have always fancied being a lawyer or a journalist.

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How I look is very important to me. I have better things to focus on!

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You are quite capable of taking charge when you have to and can easily handle being the centre of attention. When people first meet you, they come away thinking what an amazing, bright, bubbly person you are and your love of life makes you very attractive to everyone.

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You prefer to keep busy and active and very little gets you down. When you are not in your power it can manifest in one of two ways — either you can throw your weight around if you think you are not getting enough attention, or you can want to withdraw from the world and hate feeling that you have to permanently put on a show.

Either way, when you are off centre everything can get a bit forced. Your naturally strong and charismatic personality can go overboard and that means you can get a bit too bossy and domineering. You like to lavish your friends with attention and are brilliant at thinking of little gifts that will make their day.

You are incredibly loyal and would go to the ends of the earth for anyone you love, but partners and potential lovers had better watch out — if you feel that you are not getting the film star treatment you just might throw a few diva tantrums! When people first meet you they might not learn much about who you are — but they will feel that they can tell you anything and you could get their entire life story!

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You can pick up on emotional undercurrents and are especially switched on when it comes to spotting when people are upset.

At those times, you find it hard not to offer to help, even if you are not asked. You do let your heart rule your head and want to share the good things of life with everyone. When you are not in your power you can shut down your heart to keep others at an emotional distance.

You are as capable of losing your temper as anyone else, but because you are normally such a softie it can come out in a huge burst and leave everyone in stunned silence. As a friend, you will stick with people through tough times long after a point at which many other people would have walked away.

You are a fantastically sensitive and patient partner who asks for much less than she gives.

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Relationships work best for you when you feel that you are connecting deeply on every level and any partner of yours had better be prepared to open up and share their innermost thoughts and feelings as you hate skating around the surface! Mostly C — The Queen of Pentacles. You are very practical and down to earth. Read below to see how each card with a seven attached to it gets you closer to what you want or to what you don't realize you want.

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The card features two sphinxes — the ancient animal that indicated riddles. The riddle of what you want actually hides a more complex puzzle: The Chariot appearing in your Tarot reading is a predictor of victory. And yet, it does make you wonder exactly why you want to win so badly.

The Star This card is numbered seventeen and carries the Tarot's number seven as an echo. This is a card of inspiration that comes from waiting. The illustration on this card is much less mysterious when you consider that the woman pictured on it may have finally put all meaning in her life together in order to reach a goal.

Her pouring out two pitchers of water is a sphinx-like riddle unless it is an abandoning of what she thought she wanted, and an acceptance of the inspiration given by the star above.

Seven of Wands AWhen you seek a goal, opposition can be fierce.


Wands represent creativity and are therefore not weapons that end battles with a death, but prolong one's own self-protection by fending off blows. Your creative solutions get you closer toward a goal, but this card reminds you that there may be unforeseen hurdles.

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No one truly knows how old the practice of reading tarot cards is or where they originated. Their mystery is very old and their allure is still great. Many say that the gypsies, who originated from Asia, were the creators of the Tarot while others claim that the Ancient Egyptians read and decorated the first deck.