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Old beliefs, old attitudes, old relationships, old connections will be suddenly replaced by a new order. Initially it may come as a shock but if your systems are in place there's nothing to fear or worry about. Expect chaos, excitement and a realisation that things can never be quite the same again.

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Wondering what the Tarot card predictions have in store for your zodiac sign? Our Tarot Check your free daily Tarot card reading for more fun! Consult a. This Free Tarot Reading - 12 months, can be used to predict the next year. It is usually done at the beginning of the year, but may be done at any time, even if.

The Universe wants you to be true to yourself and this wake up year could find you thinking and behaving quite differently to the past. Good news could come your way by way of a promotion, engagement or the birth of a new child or a business idea.

Socially you will find yourself meeting new people and perhaps, even connecting with a few like minded souls. If in the past you felt isolated or misunderstood, the cards foretell you will find your tribe or connections who will feel like family. A great year to take charge of something you've been neglecting.

Could it be your health? Or a business idea that you never found time for? Or even your paperwork that's been piling up.

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Remember the more organised you are, the more stress free things will be. Financially you may make a few changes in your saving and spending habits and look forward to significant gains in the months ahead. A year of exciting changes.

All good in the long run. Just buckle up and keep your eyes open for sudden opportunities and developments.

Are your bags packed? Expect to travel at a moment's notice this year. Either for work or for pleasure. A wonderful year for students and those wishing to upgrade their skills, the cards urge you to bring out the books and brush up your knowledge. The rewards, will follow. Young people will dominate your life and bring you a sense of joy and freedom of living in the moment.

Relationships will be tested for maturity though. So if you or your significant other have been behaving immaturely, Life will expect you to grow up at a moment's notice. The more you respond to sudden developments and not react, the more peaceful will be the outcome.

The second half of the year promises greater growth and stability professionally and in money matters. Your sense of self discipline and your ability to work according to tight deadlines and structures will be on display so prepare to pull up your socks, straighten your tie and show them your best self.

Tarot card reading for 2019

Singles may find themselves closer to finding their life partner and some of you may exchange vows or opt to take your relationship to a more committed level. If there's anything to watch out for, it's to curb your tendency to be impulsive at times.

One word spoken without thinking or a sudden purchase could lead to regret.

Personal freedom is your keyword in You may do whatever is in your power to be even more independent and self reliant. Holding on to old ideas, old ways of thinking, old objects will only weigh you down.

The more you let go the better you will feel.


Even your space will become a priority and the months ahead may find you decluttering, redesigning, donating old things and living minimally. Business people may take a few calculated risks.

And job seekers may change in industries or even job profiles in this period. The cards favour the risk takers and promise long term rewards but only after you learn a bit of patience. If you love being the centre of attention then expect a number of opportunities for you to shine. Singles may find themselves with more than one admirer and you will use social media to express yourself even more.

Financially a year of moderate gains but promises of great rewards in the long run. One tip, if you want to make a difference to this planet, take up a cause you feel passionate about and do your bit. Elders will shower you with blessings. Your life is in your hands. And the cards foretell life changing choices ahead of you.

Perhaps you've been procastinating on an important decision. Or ignoring something very important.

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Relationships will go through a period of upheaval. Someone close to you may reveal their true colours. Or a long standing connection could suddenly go cold. Holding on out of habit will only bring in disappointments.

Avoiding confrontations only prolongs the suffering and you will realise that peace of mind is more precious than anything else in the world. At the workplace sudden changes could make you question your decision to stay on. Job changes will happen for the better but only after you clear your karmic ties.

Business owners may feel its time to bring something new to the market. A good year for research and planning, finances remain stable. It has guided me through a difficult situation. Judy Newport, Rhode Island.

Focus on the specific situation you want your Tarot Reading to address.

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Obsessed with the Tarot? Check your free daily Tarot card reading for more fun! Success in on the horizon Tarot highlights that Aries will experience a year of great success in If you want to succeed in the Tarot cards will require some effort on your part, as you continue to grow pursuing your goals and dreams.

When it comes to your love life, you can expect transformation in all areas. Aries, take care of yourself in , love yourself and switch to the frequencies of love and light. You are an amazing beautiful being and deserve love and to be loved. Aries, is a great year to start saving for the future, your finances will improve gradually over the year making it possible to save and take care of your family and yourself.

Curious about your year? Check out Aries horoscope ! An exciting year Taurus, you are strong, you are passionate and full of energy. Connect with your inner vibration and switch your energies to compassion, care, and gratitude.

This year you might experience some ups and downs, but keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance.

What might seem impossible for you to understand could be a blessing in disguise later on. Want to know more about your year? Read your Taurus horoscope You will experience a major change in the way you live and see things; because you have learned valuable lessons from your past mistakes.

Now is time for you to use your knowledge and glow! The days will go smoothly with harmony, peace and love. Keep going persevering with your main goals in , as you are approaching a new phase where you will attend important social events and meet interesting people that will lead you to new ideas and career opportunities.

Get more information on your year with Gemini horoscope Your hard work will pay off Cancer in will experience a year full new ventures and tests. All your efforts in the past will be compensated; your hard work and dedication will bring the success and expectations in all areas in your life. Keep that positive attitude within you and meditate often to connect with your inner self.

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The universe is finally ready to bring what you have been asking for. Be thankful for what you already have, the love you have, and stay positive in all circumstances!

The career of your dreams is just on the horizon! Will you be successful this year? Check out your Cancer horoscope Love is going to change your life Leo in you will receive a boost of energy that will help you to finish things that were left behind in the past.

2019 Tarot: Discover your annual Tarot card predictions

You may do whatever is in your power to be even more independent and self reliant. Today's Reading Choose your cards. Dig a little deeper into the situations and relationships in your life. Relationships remain solid and stable and a special someone may appear in your life. A new hobby could lead to some unexpected developments. Positive energy is being characterized by the fourth card. A tarot card reading can help you placate your frenzied mind, give clarity to your clouded thoughts and will definitely help you to give a new perspective towards life.

Endings, conclusion, new chapters, and new beginnings await you, so get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Leo, you are learning to live love by spirit, you are ready for a new level of love that will lead you to appreciate every single living thing in this world. In you will finally learn the meaning of true love.

Dedication is necessary in , Leo. This year take more time to learn about your present career and get involved in it. Leo horoscope reveals everything you need to know about your year! Virgo knows how to get things done, and this year with the help of Jupiter, Virgo will accomplish many goals and wishes!

New and important people will come into your life as you increase your knowledge by educating yourself and expanding on your spirituality. A profound contact with nature is necessary for you to replenish your body with amazing positive energy. Overall you will be very happy this year, Virgo and will be full of loving and caring moments.

As the hard worker you are Virgo, you will receive the fruits of your efforts in , and you will reach many goals in a short period of time. Virgo horoscope has all the secrets you need to know.