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This can be reduced through the use of neutron reflectors or clever arrangements of explosives to compress the core, but these methods generally add to the size and complexity of the resulting device.

Due to the need for a fission primary, and the difficulty of purifying weapons-grade fissile materials, the majority of arms control efforts to limit nuclear proliferation rely on the detection and control of the fissile material and the equipment needed to obtain it.

A theory popular in the mids was that red mercury facilitated the enrichment of uranium to weapons-grade purity.

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Conventionally, such enrichment is usually done with Zippe-type centrifuges , and takes several years. Red mercury was speculated [ who? Although this would not eliminate the possibility of detecting the material, it could escape detection during enrichment as the facilities hosting centrifuges normally used in this process are very large and require equipment that can be fairly easily tracked internationally.

Eliminating such equipment would in theory greatly ease the construction of a clandestine nuclear weapon. A key part of the secondary in a fusion bomb is lithium-6 -deuteride.

When irradiated with high-energy neutrons , Li-6 creates tritium , which mixes with the deuterium in the same mixture and fuses at a relatively low temperature. Russian weapon designers have reported that red mercury was the Soviet codename for lithium-6, which has an affinity for mercury and tends to acquire a red colour due to mercuric impurities during its separation process.

Cohen , the "father of the neutron bomb ", claimed for a long time that red mercury is a powerful explosive-like chemical known as a ballotechnic.

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Welcome to my Channel, International Tarot! Mars/Neptune in pisces makes things weird so don't be surprised if other people are acting weird too! Only focus . Jane International Tarot & Astrology; videos; 13, views; Updated 3 days ago. Play all. Share. Loading. . Pisces November Tarot Reading. by Jane .

The energy released during its reaction is allegedly enough to directly compress the secondary without the need for a fission primary in a thermonuclear weapon. He went on to claim that the reason this is not more widely known is that elements within the US power structure are deliberately keeping it "under wraps" due to the frightening implications such a weapon would have on nuclear proliferation.

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Since a red mercury bomb would require no fissile material, it would seemingly be impossible to protect against its widespread proliferation given current arms control methodologies. Instead of trying to do so, they simply claim it does not exist, while acknowledging its existence privately. Cohen also claimed that when President Boris Yeltsin took power, he secretly authorized the sale of red mercury on the international market, and that fake versions of it were sometimes offered to gullible buyers.

Cohen's claims appear to be difficult to support scientifically. The amount of energy released by the fission primary is thousands of times greater than that released by conventional explosives, and it appears [ who? Furthermore, ballotechnic materials are those that do not explode, so it is difficult to understand how their energy could be used to produce compression at all.

Additionally, it appears there is no independent confirmation of any sort of Cohen's claims to the reality of red mercury. The scientists [ who? According to Cohen, [17] veteran nuclear weapon designer Dr. Frank Barnaby conducted secret interviews with Russian scientists who told him that red mercury was produced by dissolving mercury antimony oxide in mercury, heating and irradiating the resultant amalgam , and then removing the elemental mercury through evaporation.

As mentioned earlier, one of the origins of the term "red mercury" was in the Russian newspaper Pravda , which claimed that red mercury was "a super-conductive material used for producing high-precision conventional and nuclear bomb explosives, 'stealth' surfaces and self-guided warheads.

Given that metallic hydrogen MH is theorized to exist, and was allegedly produced in a laboratory in , as reported in the journal Science , it is possible, though unlikely, that it may have been discovered earlier through unrelated experimentation, and so-called "red mercury" may in fact be MH. If MH is indeed metastable, then it would theoretically make a very effective explosive in the right configuration, 38 times more powerful than RDX, and ideal for replacing the shaped charges used in a conventional warhead.

Some reports suggest that the sample obtained shows weak signs of a Meissner effect even at K. Red mercury is thought by some to be the invention of an intelligence agency or criminal gang for the purpose of deceiving terrorists and rogue states who were trying to acquire nuclear technology on the black market.

Political entities that already had nuclear weapons did nothing to debunk the myth. In Jane's Intelligence Review suggested that victims of red mercury scams may have included Osama bin Laden. Organizations involved in landmine clearance and unexploded munitions disposal noted a belief amongst some communities in southern Africa that red mercury may be found in certain types of ordnance.

Attempting to extract red mercury, purported to be highly valuable, was reported as a motivation for people dismantling items of unexploded ordnance, and suffering death or injury as a result. In some cases it was reported that unscrupulous traders may be deliberately promoting this misconception in an effort to build a market for recovered ordnance.

An explosion in Chitungwiza , Zimbabwe that killed five people is attributed to a quest to reclaim red mercury from a live landmine. In April it was reported from Saudi Arabia that rumors that Singer sewing machines contained "red mercury" had caused the prices of such machines to massively increase in the Kingdom, with some paying up to SR , for a single machine which could previously have been bought for SR In Medina there was a busy trade in the sewing machines, with buyers seen using mobile phones to check the machines for red mercury content, while it was reported that others had resorted to theft, with two tailors' shops in Dhulum broken into and their sewing machines stolen.

At other locales, there were rumors that a Kuwait-based multinational had been buying up the Singer machines, while in Al-Jouf, the residents were led to believe that a local museum was buying up any such machines that it could find, and numerous women appeared at the museum offering to sell their Singer machines.

There was little agreement among believers in the story as to the exact nature or even color of the red mercury, while the supposed uses for it ranged from it being an essential component of nuclear power, to having the ability to summon jinn , extract gold, or locate buried treasure and perform other forms of magic.

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The official spokesman for the Riyadh police said that the rumors had been started by gangs attempting to swindle people out of their money, and denied the existence of red mercury in sewing machines. Red Mercury is featured in the motion picture Red 2 as a plot device. The Red team rescuea a professor who had been jailed for 32 years due to his previous work with allied intelligence agencies.

The professor leads the team to the catacombs beneath The Kremlin where they recover a small flight case, which contains a bag-sized nuclear device.

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When the case is opened, it is revealed that the device utilizes red mercury for it's explosive power. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The 5 energy is Mercurial in nature: July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Notify me of new posts via email. Views Read Edit View history. Some reports suggest that the sample obtained shows weak signs of a Meissner effect even at K. I hope you have been using this transit to the List of conspiracy theories.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Basic Synthesis and Reaction Chemistry".

Red mercury

Introduction to Materials Chemistry. Retrieved 13 June Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. Retrieved 12 May Retrieved 15 May Chivers November 22, The New York Times Magazine. Retrieved November 20, Journal of Alloys and Compounds. Archived from the original on 16 October Is there a pure-fusion bomb for sale?

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The deck, I normally read with is the Cosmic Tarot and that card always has me feeling that the guy is looking at all that he has lost and not what he still has. However, the more traditional meaning is more about walking away from the situation. Moving is a nice way to put abondoning something. However, as we explored with the review of Temperance that not every creator feels the need to share the same message.

Oa an image of showing of us breaking free from the past or things that have been holding us back. THat we are finally willing to break free and strive forward to a Dream.

Yet those same cups can be the illusive barrier that keeps us in place. Some shows a creative jugling act while another shows that the Eight of Cups relates to Neptune and Pisces. Yet others such as Dali offers us just the pure Art and a slight take on the traditional.

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Traditional or not, Tarot is not merely a game or a divination tool. I hope you hop on over to Robbie Plumb for his take on the Nine of Cups.

Since the 9 of Cups tells the story of wish fulfillment, contentment, and enjoying our successes. Click here to head on over. Here is a link to the Master List. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress.