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The background noise should drop, so it will be easier to work on something complicated.

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The Venus-Saturn sextile on December 16 helps you connect with an older friend or relative who can make a manageable task simpler and easier. Love may be strongest close to home with the full moon on the twenty-second. You are not being overlooked or underappreciated. Feel secure in how great you naturally are, and let your light attract the exact kind of love that you want.

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The Empress signifies the queen of life, the ideal woman, the archetypal mother. She represents the matriarchal goddess, being part of nature, fertility, sexuality, and the generative forces.

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Travel light, live light, spread the light I am qualified engineer Today's Star Ratings Your general mood. Sex Hustle Vibe Success. Everything will be going fine at the start of this year, and yet, you could feel tired or irritated by this high-pressure energy, which you will have trouble channeling properly.

In fact, all the stars will smile upon you, except Mars, who, waltzing through hot-headed Aries, will push you to excess, criticism, or even causing trouble in your family life. You will have to be a little more rational and blow off some steam physically so that you don't bring this energy back with you into your relations with others and keep the peace at home.

With Mercury in your sign sector from the 4th on, you will have the intellectual power you need, while Venus in Scorpio, up until the 7th, will promise you great moments of romantic intensity. Take advantage of these moments during the first week to continue the strides you've made in your emotional as well as financial life for some time to come and in security.

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Neptune will imbue you with good ideas from within its domicile in Pisces, and your intuition will be a great help. With a conjunction between Pluto and Saturn, and the sun in your sign at the start of the year, you will start off in a serious climate.

Your love-life will keep you busy up until the 7th, but afterwards, you will move onto considering more professional, or personal, matters. You seek, too, to gain security before a partnership.

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Sagittarius horoscope is totally amazing! Rest assured that you have all the areas in your life covered, you know how to deal with stress and you know exactly how to take care of yourself. Give your love life a makeover with these tips for finding and cherishing your soul mate. Get more information on your year with Gemini horoscope Get guidance from experienced psychics. Sagittarius, be thankful for what you have now, and you will be thankful in the future, for all what you have created with your mind and positive emotions.

The ambiance will be a bit morose, or, at best, tedious. The last embers of passion will go out, but strong, sturdy relationships will jump into more profitable, if not romantic, activities. The home will be your biggest preoccupation, and you will spend a lot of your energy on improving your everyday life together.

You are in more of a preparatory than active phase in your romantic life.

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