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There will be something radical, either about the way you want to become or what you will need to deal with personally. There will be the opportunity during the next 3 years for you to view your future in practical terms — in some way you can feel set free from what has been expected of you during the last 3 years.

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This next 3 years is also a good time for you to either take up study or to learn what you must, in order to deal with the changing world you find yourself dealing with.

You could feel more appreciated than you have in a long time though you need to be alert as to whether matters might be more to their benefit than your own.

People you have not seen or heard from in a while could come back into your life from mid October through to mid December. Something about it may make you realise the past was not what it seemed. In many ways, you have been able to work your way around happenings in your life during the last 7 years, even this has meant changing your priorities.

There has undoubtedly been the pressure of commitments associated with others to deal with in the last 3 years. In the next 7 years, of which you can gain some idea this year between mid May and early November, will see you having to deal with endings over which you have little control.

This cycle will start in earnest from early March Others, either in a business sense or in personal situations have been able to, or have expected to rely on you in the last 3 years. You should have also learnt to question what is most responsible as your role in either of these situations to yourself. During the next 3 years, finances involving others will be the focus.

In business, this is favourable for others to be willing to spend their money with you. On a personal level it might be time to sort out exactly what a shared financial role will be or to bring a previous one to an end.

You need to take care of your health in especially if you have been slack with proper diet and exercise. You will put on weight very easily. You also need to be mindful of becoming too much of a slave to the needs of other people.

Commitments and responsibilities are likely to have had some unexpected twists and turns during the last 7 years. In some cases this could have been exhilarating but in other cases, disappointing. People who have authority in some way as well, have possibly noticed you.

During the last 3 years you may not have felt appreciated for your efforts or felt they were even recognised. During the next 3 years you could discover otherwise.

Connections you have made in the past could become more significant and new associations can be associated with stable opportunities in the future. During the next 7 years you are likely to be involved with groups of people. This could include making some new and interesting friends and acquaintances.

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Your priorities could alter, more than you anticipate right now. The last 7 years has been good for learning and discovering what you believe in, though this in itself has not put you under any undue pressure.

This can change during the next 7 years and the way in which this can happen can begin to emerge from mid May to early November as the focus turns to commitment and responsibility.

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This may not occur in the way you expect and it could be wise to consider how this would impact on your freedom of choice if you are in a position to make such a decision. Over the next 3 years you are in danger of becoming a slave to circumstance and if this is tied to changed commitments, you may need to question who would benefit the most or whether any extra notoriety is really worth the effort.

Your health and general well being will need more attention in this 3 years as well, particularly along the lines of having good routines in place and getting proper rest. The opportunity to have a good think about yourself, how you have handled things in the past and what you plan to do in the future will be from late June to early September.


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This is a good year to enjoy home and family more. When Mars is in Aquarius for those 2 periods this year, activity involving others can be significant both now and in the future.

During the last 7 years there has been a lot to deal with that has been out of sorts, which has particularly involved what others have expected from you and how they may have flaunted the way things have always been done.

Any shared financial situations or money expected from others has likely had a great deal of unpredictability attached to them. You will emerge from this during mid May to early November initially but finally from early March This can give a real sense of freedom that will develop further over the next 7 years in which there will be the opportunity to decide on the world you would like to create for yourself.

Included in this could be taking up some learning or realising what you have learnt as a result of your experiences.

During the last 3 years, life has encouraged you to diligently work at getting a good foundation in place either with home or family matters or any situation that you have felt you would like to eventually develop for yourself.

The next 3 years should reward you for this and bring you a sense of enjoyment in your own way.

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You can gain pleasure from the sharing of ideas with someone else this year. Back to Top Juegos y actividades divertidas. More than a few distractions would have been projected into your life from others during the last 7 years. In some cases, what you have initially expected from any sort of liaison is not likely to have been the outcome, though a certain amount of excitement could very well have been involved.

From mid May until early November initially, you move into the next 7 year cycle that will settle in from early March Finances involving others will come into play then.

You will be placed in a situation where you will not have clear vision and for this reason, you should not enter into any situation with somebody else financially that puts your own position at risk because matters are more likely not to take predicted directions.

On the other hand, it is also possible that you will receive money in unexpected ways. You have also been going through a lot of personal change in the last 7 years and have now reached the point where you need to focus on the foundation, over the next 3 years, that you want to put in place for your own stability and security.

This could also involve family. You can do very well financially on a personal level this year. What you might have to watch is over committing yourself when it comes to long-term payments if that is part of your future plan.

Life should be feeling a whole lot better now that Jupiter is in your sign until 8 th November. It will open things up rather than hold you back and will bring with it the start of a new 12 year cycle.

During the last 7 years it has been difficult to know exactly where you stand with others and whether your efforts have been appreciated. This will change with the new 7 year cycle that begins initially from mid May to early November but settles in place from March This can bring all sorts of new and different people into your life as well as connections that can be useful in the future.

If you have been careful with your finances during the last 3 years you could now be in a comfortable position.

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The next 3 years is a time for you to think about your options. Some sort of learning can be involved in either taking up a course or gathering information to be well informed.

You will have the opportunity to tune into your position, based on both the past and future from mid October through to early December. You have been able to breathe a sign of relief now that Saturn has moved out of your sign, putting you under pressure for the last 3 years to be responsible in some way or another.

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During the next 3 years, Saturn will focus on your finances. This is not a time to be carefree in this area — you can do exceptionally well if you put the lessons you have learned about being more practical in the last 3 years to good use with finances.

There will still be a degree of feeling held back this year to early November because of the position of your ruling planet Jupiter. What this will demand is that you find quiet time to yourself to give important matters consideration. It could save you a lot of frustration. You will need to get proper rest to maintain good energy levels.

The last 7 year cycle that is coming to an initial end between mid May and early November has enabled you to enjoy some interesting experiences which would have been a release valve to any situations of restriction.

The next 7 year cycle which begins without change in early March will not have the same sort of exhilaration from time to time attached.

You will need to be on top of detail and strive to be comfortable with what you need to handle on a daily basis. This is a year full of new beginnings for you, especially with Saturn, your ruling planet moving into your sign, heralding the start of a new 30 year cycle. Saturday, May 18 th: Monday, June 17 th: Tuesday, July 16 th: This is the second total lunar eclipse of the year.

Thursday, August 15 th: Saturday, September 14 th: Sunday, October 13 th: Tuesday, November 12 th: Thursday, December 12 th: May 15th - Corsa dei Ceri. April 11th - Candle. April 10th Mahavir Jayanti. April 9th - Palm Sunday. April 5th - Rama Navami. April 1st - Lazarus Saturday.

March 28th - Nyepi Day. March 20th - Nowruz. March 16th - Oranges and Lemons Day. March 15th - Falles. March 13th - Holi. March 3rd - Noche de Brujas.

March 1st - Martisor. January 28th Chinese New Year. January 14th and 15th Straw Bear. January - Rendlesham Forest Incident. January 6th Haxey Hood.

January 1st Needle and Thread Ceremony. December - Wych Elm. December 21st - Yule. November - Slender Man. November - Monk in Statue. November 13th - Festa del Cornuto. November 5th - Lewes.

August 5th - St. August 1st - Lammas. July 25th - St. The Gion Matsuri Festival. July - Dog Days. June 8th Saint Medardus. June 7th - Ramadan.

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June 8th Saint Medardus. A planet in exaltation, as Mars is in Capricorn, is able to take matters to great heights, though over-extending oneself needs to be watched. Tuesday, July 16 th: These could be influenced greatly by your experiences in the last 3 years. This can operate in a personal, work or business manner.

May 22nd - St. May 17th - San Pascualito Muerte. May 8th - Furry Dance.

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Hurrah Hurrah the 1st of May. Maypoles on the 1st May. April 23rd - St. April 21st - Cuckoo Day. April th - New Year in Nepal. Chinese New Year Stan Lee's Birthday 28th December.