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Full Moon 24 September 2018 ~ Lone Wolf

On the positive side if all of this aspect pattern is utilized the challenging aspects can be offset by the harmonious ones. The is a huge amount of karmic adjustment going on here. Maybe we can think of this as being like tuning a piano, it is only when all the keys are put through their paces can we see just how much out of tune the piano really is.

One of the important aspects of the last couple of years has been Saturn trine Uranus and this really forms the bridge between the two animated figures. This is a bridge between the old and the new. These planets are also the ancient and modern rulers of Aquarius a sign of paradoxes as it is both innovative and futuristic while being a fixed sign and quite fearful of change.

They are also both loner planets which takes us back to the lone wolf theme of the decan as a whole. Sometimes, when things just get too complicated to fathom it is just best to go into hermit mode or throw yourself into work. An Aries moon goes it alone. I drew the chart pattern out and the two of wands appeared!

Someone much of a lone wolf showed up this night, a day before the full moon, as mercury trined mars, to give news of an opportunity to help with something new.

I had already made plans to pursue something I thought new. So I have changed my plans for something new or is it really something old? To seek opportunity in the heart of Silicon Valley is nothing new since I have done that before, 80ss. Incidentally, I was there for that too. So what is new?

It seems rehabilitating this previously occupied land, for creating new park land, is more of a break from the old than anything Santa Clara might offer.

But then the moon is not yet full! It just seems that with the squares present, a literal destruction of the old is more appropriate then just moving in a new direction. Perhaps everything seems old because I am old. I am of course on high alert for potential personal injuries. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for: Share on Facebook Share.

You kind of want what you want the way you want it and are willing to fight to the death for it.

ARIES: January 2019, February 2019, March 2019, April 2019 HOROSCOPE PSYCHIC TAROT READING

Something has got to give, and you must decide where and how you can come to a creative compromise. The solution, the Six of Coins, is to be more responsible with your precious resources — your time, energy and money.

While you may wear your stubbornness as a badge of honor, these times are calling for you to be flexible. Where can you give more? Where can you reach out more? Where do you need to be more open to receiving? Where do you need to give less because someone or something is bleeding your resources? You can do it!

Remember, you are a winner. Jennifer has 30 years of mastery working with the tarot and nearly two decades of experience facilitating somatic movement and body wisdom with people of all ages and abilities. She is the creatrix of ArcanaDance, a transformative somatic divination practice that brings the tarot to life through the oracle of the body.

Each of us is a living archetype, in ArcanaDance, you access your own wisdom via the intelligence of your body. While she hails from the boogie down Bronx, she currently lives in Southern California. Jennifer reads for clients and facilitates ArcanaDance experiences all over the country and soon, guided by her birth card, the world!

What if our hands remember? A blade for every birth. What if in life we walk the space between these blades? What if we make and multiply these blades with mental vigils? How can we know for sure we have what it takes to navigate them? Not in an instant. But we can pause and listen to a body that inhabits a world beyond the tiny circle of our perceptions.

There was a time when this was true. Where every defensive thought you have, every depressive episode, and all the doubt would have been the cocoon to keep you safe. There still are those times. The brain conserves automatically.

The heart expands with practice. Your default settings are reptilian, conservative, contractive. Rejoice that they got you to where you are. Your very existence is a triumph. Without tokens of success or status. Without a steady diet of stress. You do not need to earn your way out of your trauma. What if your openness and healing are generational?

What if we share more than circumstance with ancestors? Trust is the vehicle of expansion, the fuel for the heart, the gateway to receiving. The physical world is black and white; poverty is poverty, despair is despair.

Aquarius 2019 yearly horoscope

Honor the places where you invite in poverty consciousness on top of the actual poverty; habitual despair on top of the fleeting kind. Honor the challenge that popped out from beyond you.

Honor the impermanence of all of these swords. No matter how solid they look. Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas.

Her facilitative style is the blended result of over 15 years of tarot study as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships.

She writes a column at littleredtarot. Ostara Tarot Schiffer Publishing, This Aries Season is about transition and movement for you in every sense. You are not at the end nor the beginning but in the flow of the unknown. In the spaces in between…. You are moving towards the light, leaving conflict and nightmares behind you.

The snakes have shown their scales. Mental clarity and peace are on their way to you. Keep moving in this positive direction. Use this part of your journey to recover and regain a sense of tranquil serenity. There is sadness in transition, in change. There is a mental transition, yes, but often that may be easier than leaving the emotions or relationships behind.

Take the lesson and leave the rest. Yes, you may be a bit unhappy that this transition has to occur in the first place. However, you do realize it is necessary to bring you closer to your joy. The namesake of the season shows up for you dear Pisces with The Emperor proudly displaying his horns.

Embrace the energetic vibration of Aries as a saving grace, an anchor, a lifeboat, a way out — a lifeline. For calm and stability amidst all of this shifting, this transition, this movement. Determined and focused although a bit impulsive and aggressive at times, The Emperor knows what they want, who they are, and their skill set, for that, is how they make their mark on the world.

The Emperor invites you to learn these things about yourself this Aries Season. Who ARE you Pisces? This Aries season, you just might find out. She uses her psychic ability and intuition to guide her in her readings, providing loving, healing guidance to others. As the creator of Maven Unmasked , she encourages others to take off their mask and allow their innermost wisdom to shine through in a true, authentic expression of themselves.

Show your love in the comments! Tweet your favs and share these Scopes! Listen to an Aries theme song click to open song in new tab. Brittany is a Manhattan-based tarot reader and witch.

Her ideas on tarot blend a respect for the past with a desire to bring the archetypes into the present day, keeping them relevant and inclusive. You can read her writing at meadowqueen.

Back to Sco pes List. Gemini, Open yourself up to another channel of inspiration. The retrograde period is a time of reflection on what we believe in and what motivates us. Mercury retrograde in Aries can mean that anything we say off hand in the next few weeks will quickly come back to haunt us.

Matters started during Mercury Rx often fail to deliver as promised. All of this is perfectly reflected in the card that showed itself for this month, XIV Temperance Alchemy.

New, unique, non-traditional combinations of elements can produce startlingly exciting new forms and possibilities. We may be surprised what comes about as a result of mixing things up that we might not normally put together. A balanced approach is going to be crucial to offset tendencies toward Jupiter retrograde overindulgence, overspending for instant gratification, as well as Mercury retrograde words and actions that happen before the brain can kick in.

A middle path, a willingness to negotiate and compromise, will pay long-term dividends. The entire constellation resembles a cocked hat or a flying bird much more than it does a goat. The Sea-Goat will appear directly in the south when the Northern Cross or Cygnus the Swan shines directly overhead in the early autumn sky.

Deneb the Tail of the Swan is a brilliant white star directly to the north of Deneb Algedi. Altair, the first-magnitude star in Aquila the Eagle, is also directly north of the Algedi in the western portion of the constellation. Alan Oken points out that Capricorn contains two objects of astronomical interest.

The first is a global cluster southwest of Deneb Algedi. The second phenomenon, called the Capricornids, consists of a shower of long, bright, slow moving meteors which occurs each year in late July.

Alice Bailey adds her esoteric interpretation of the constellation of Capricorn. She refers to three constellations connected to Capricorn. In the sign of Sagittarius there is the archer whereby the achieving aspirant pierced the personality. The path of the initiate is more lonely still.

The path of the world saviour is the most lonely of all. You have the bird of light symbol of the highest aspect of man manifesting as the soul the second aspect which has achieved.

It is pictured in an ancient zodiac as a fish full of life leaping out of the water into the air and playing. That is the symbol of the son of god who, working under the law, takes form and lives in the water and the air and since he is no longer held by the physical law he can play with the forces of nature.

To understand the symbolism behind Capricorn we need to look at the mythology behind its ruler Saturn. Saturn has many different guises — he is sometimes depicted as Father Time or the Grim Reaper with his scythe or the Lord of Karma, the Taskmaster or the Devourer.

Kronos castrated his father Ouranus. Rhea tricks her husband by hiding the youngest child, Zeus, and giving Kronos a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes which he swallows instead, hence the reference to the Devourer.

Therefore, Kronos or its Roman counterpart, Saturn, in our chart is associated with time, karma, the authority figure, the teacher, the father, discipline, restriction, separation, boundaries, the physical body, diligence, responsibility, guilt, depression and vulnerability.

His suffering made even more terrible by the fact that he cannot die, being immortal. Before he can rescue Prometheus he must slay Cerberus, the triple-headed dog that guards the Underworld.

Hercules begins his descent into Hades or Hell until he comes to the river Styx that the souls of the deceased must cross. So sombre is the visitor from the upper world that Charon, the ferryman, forgets to charge Hercules the customary fee.

After an encounter with the ugly snake-haired Medusa he has an audience with Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, who asks him what a living mortal is doing in his realms. When Hercules tells Hades what his mission is, he informs him that first he must conquer Cerberus with his bare hands, a feat no one has yet performed.

If he is successful, Hades tells him he may unbind the suffering Prometheus. Hercules succeeds in slaying the snarling Cerberus by grasping the central head in a vice like grip, and causing its strength to gradually subside. Having conquered the dreaded Cerberus, he then sets free Prometheus by breaking his chains.

Bailey explains the symbolism of the three heads of Cerberus. The three heads symbolise sensation, desire and good intentions. The central head which was grasped by Hercules was the most important one, since desire underlies all sensations.

The third head is good intentions not carried out. The tail of Cerberus is made of serpents which Bailey states typifies all illusions that impede the progress of spiritual life.

Anatomically, Capricorn rules the skin, teeth, knees and skeleton, sometimes causing these to be vulnerable areas for Capricorns or those with a Capricorn ascendant or Saturn prominent in their charts. She states that biochemistry is an ancient Sanskrit science which was rediscovered by Dr Schuessler in the nineteenth century.

The Biochemic cell salt allocated to Capricorn is Calcium Phosphate, the principle salt used in the bony framework of the body.

A bright world? Thank the fire signs...

The body requires more Calcium phosphate than any other mineral salt as it not only plays a vital role protecting bones and teeth but also assists in assimilation and digestion. Capricorns or indeed anyone with any of these deficiencies will benefit from taking this vital cell salt. Other illnesses associated with Capricorn or Saturn afflictions are stiffness of joints and muscles, chronic rheumatic complaints, arthritis, chills, colds, catarrh and flu, deafness and depression.

It is also linked to the gall bladder, calcium metabolism and anti-peristaltic movement. Capricorn is a cold sign so Capricorns would benefit from more heat producing foods such as curries, hot soups and other spices.

Bach flower remedies include mimulus, rock water and red chestnut. Homeopathic remedies include Belladonna, Nux vomica and Natrium muriaticum. Aromatherapy oils which would be beneficial are cypress, honeysuckle, myrrh and patchouli.

The healing musical note is F F sharp. Capricorn Hall of Fame Capricorns are born managers and administrators, being willing to work long and hard to achieve their goals.

Since they are born under the sign which rules status, prestige and worldly acclaim they want more than just a job with a good income. They want recognition for their talents.

Capricorns are drawn to careers such as banking, accountancy and insurance, and politics. Like their fellow earth sign, Virgo, Capricorns have phenomenal organisational skills and self-discipline. Their ruler, Saturn, which represents tradition, inclines Capricorns toward careers in large corporations or established business or the civil service.

Saturn rules structures so it is not surprising that many Capricorns choose careers in real estate, property development, the building and construction industry or architecture.

Success seems to come naturally to Capricorns, as is the case with the billionaire Howard Hughes, Conrad Hilton, and Aristotle Onassis. With their natural Saturnian attributes the mantle of authority sits easily on their shoulders, as is the case with political leaders such as William Gladstone and David Lloyd George.

Pluto continues its passage through your sign, Capricorn, bringing change and transformation in its wake. Saturn, your ruling planet, continues its passage through your sign, Capricorn.

Uranus, the planet of sudden change, continues its passage through your domestic sector bringing the unpredictability in this area of your life.

Lucky Jupiter has moved into your spirituality sector which could send you on a quest to understand the deeper meanings of life.

Career Two planetary visitors will move through your career sector. Both quicksilver Mercury and Venus will move here on 15 September. Mercury here will promote communications and networking with your colleagues. Finances Mercury and Venus will activate your finance sector. Mercury, the planet of commerce, will visit here from 25 January to 10 February and Venus, the planet of finance, will grace your finance sector with her presence from 2 — 26 March.

Travel and Higher Education There are three planetary visitors that will be in your travel and higher education sector. Feisty Mars will be there from 19 August to 4 October which will imbue you with the energy to pursue any activities in these sphere of your life. Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure, visits your travel and education sector from 22 August to 14 September making it an ideal time for that romantic getaway or pleasure cruise.

Communication and Immediate Environment Your communication and immediate environment sector is being activated by feisty Mars, nebulous Neptune and Chiron. Dynamic Mars makes its presence felt here from 16 November to 1 January During this time you could find yourself embroiled in disputes with siblings or neighbours but once Mars makes its exit you should be able to tune into the gentler Neptunian energy which would enhance your intuitive and creative power as well as the healing vibes of Chiron.

Home and Family Uranus, the co ruler of Capricorn and the planet of upheaval and sudden change, continues its passage through your solar 4th house of home and family so you can expect changes in this area of your life. It would be an ideal time to move house or undertake renovations, especially when Venus graces your domestic sector with her presence from 21 April to 15 May the urge to beautify your home will be strong.

Venus will also inspire you to entertain and will promote harmonious family relations. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit to your domestic sector from 18 April to 6 May encouraging communicating and networking with family members. Venus, the Goddess of Love, graces your children and romance sector with her presence from 16 May to 9 June bringing creative inspiration, fun and pleasure to the areas of romance and children.

Mercury pays a visit from 7 — 21 May encouraging communication with your children. The normally serious Capricorn should be able to down tools and embrace the inner child and have some fun! Relationships Your relationship, marriage and partnership sector is highlighted with the karmic north node by a solar total eclipse on 2 July This will facilitate communications within your intimate and business partnerships.

Friendships Venus lends her charm here from 3 December to 7 January allowing you to forge positive bonds with friends. Communication and networking is emphasised when Mercury pays a visit here from 10 — 20 December encouraging socialising and expanding your social networks.

You are bound to have a busy social calendar. Spirituality Lucky Jupiter will move into your spirituality sector on 9 November remaining there until 2 December Jupiter is where you seek meaning in life so you will be exploring your deeper spiritual urges. It would be an ideal time to keep a journal of your dreams and spiritual aspirations. With the Full Moon in the watery sign of Cancer emotions may come to the fore.

It is important that we nurture ourselves at a time when many people are caught up in the pre-xmas rush. Cancer rules the hearth and home and so it is the ideal time to spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn We are feeling the effects of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn both on a personal and collective level. Capricorn which rules the 10th house on a mundane level represents the Establishment, government, status quo, stability, structures etc.

Jupiter or Greek Zeus as king of the gods rules over law, philosophy, ideals and religious beliefs and when in contact with other planets has the effect of exaggerating the energies. Therefore with these three in the mix we can expect big changes in our institutions and our worldview.

We can see the disintegration of the old world order with the Trump presidency and Brexit and the polarisation of political views in Europe and Australia. Brexit Just as we are born under certain sun signs so too are countries. The Moon also represents the public and since June when the Brexit vote took place which shocked all the pundits when the verdict was leave the EU rather than the expected remain it threw the country into turmoil so typical of a Pluto Moon opposition.

Links with Brexit campaign and Trump campaign Pluto in Capricorn conjures up underhand methods and plutocrats. Negatively, Pluto can represent intrigue, betrayal and power struggles. Since the Brexit vote it has come to light that there were links with Brexit campaigners and the Trump campaign.

There were a cabal of billionaires and plutocrats plotting behind the scenes for some years to bring about Brexit to further their own interests ahead of the national interest. This Neptune Mercury square indicates that the British public have been confused and deceived with their misplaced idealism as well as being a hoax engineered by puppet masters behind the scenes.

In May about two months after Brexit becomes official if parliament votes for the deal the UK will have a progressed lunar return. To add insult to injury Uranus which entered Taurus in May will square Jupiter on and off causing more tension.

This erratic energy could force some radical changes. The hapless PM Theresa May who actually voted to remain in the referendum has been left to clean up the mess of the two men instrumental in the Brexit referendum, Nigel Farrage and former PM David Cameron who called the referendum. Theresa May is a Libran who is trying to negotiate a middle road but in the process is pleasing neither side of the argument.

Transiting Saturn is currently squaring her natal Sun so she is having a steep learning curve carrying the burden of Brexit for the nation. It is reminiscent of the myth of Sisyphus whose punishment is to roll the rock up the mountain only for it fall down again and so the task begins all over again.

There seem to be three options: This is an apt description considering the Neptune transit to the UK chart. Downing Street said it would send advice on preparing for no-deal to all UK businesses and suggested they should begin implementing their own contingency plans as they saw fit.

HMRC will prepare a page pack for all UK businesses on preparing for no-deal, and will send out about 80, emails to businesses. If this option eventuates Britain will be entering uncharted waters. Article

Meanwhile across the Atlantic things are heating up for Trump with the Mueller probe edging closer to the President and his family and their financial dealings. His natal chart and transits tell the story.

Cohen pleaded guilty in August to tax fraud, lying to banks and violating campaign finance laws. The campaign finance charges relate to hush money payments to porn star, Stormy Daniels, and Playboy model, Karen McDougal.

Cohen pleaded guilty in November to lying to Congress about an aborted deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. That case was lodged by special counsel Robert Mueller.

This was the day he was getting his freedom back, he said. This Uranus Mars transit returned in November this year. It is interesting to note that his south node where he is coming from in past lives is conjunct Neptune in Scorpio.

The lowest vibration of Neptune is deception, lying and obfuscation. Likewise the lowest manifestation of Scorpio is ruthlessness and manipulation. The Mars contacts between their two charts would have encouraged them to take risks ending badly for both of them.

The Uranus transits seem to have given Cohen a wake-up call. To choose whether to take a higher road and co-operate with the FBI probe or to remain loyal to his former master, Trump, for whom he famously said he would take a bullet.

He is having a hard karmic lesson of the danger of living vicariously through others. Instead he needs to claim his individuality rather than risk being enmeshed with others. Transiting Pluto is coming up to oppose his natal Jupiter culminating in February so Cohen will be challenged to transform his beliefs and value system.

Another Michael who has been just as ferocious in pursuing his goals as his namesake and Michael Cohen is Michael Avenatti, the lawyer, entrepreneur and racing car driver who has been representing the adult film actress, Stormy Daniels.

Who are these two Michaels fighting over? This affair with then citizen Trump is unravelling and is proving to be the undoing of Michael Cohen and potentially of Trump if it leads to an indictment of Trump after he leaves office.

Stormy Daniels was born on 17 March at 1. Her Moon is in passionate Scorpio and her love planet, Venus, is in the detached sign of Aquarius which would suit her form of business.

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Venus graces your friendship sector from 20 May to 13 June bringing harmony and conviviality to your social networks. Last year, children and creativity were very important you but now you are in a work year, a more serious period but, have no fear, when Jupiter moves into Libra after September 25th you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy life and the ability to do so properly. Where every defensive thought you have, every depressive episode, and all the doubt would have been the cocoon to keep you safe. He is led out of the cave by the beautiful Ariadne who symbolises the power of the feminine wisdom. Mercury pays a visit to your domestic sector from 11 — 31 October making it an ideal time to communicate and network with family members and organise tradespeople. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below.

The other woman in the hush money scandal is Karen McDougal, the former Playboy bunny, with whom Trump is alleged to have had an affair not long after Melania gave birth to their son, Barron.

The move was announced by the Attorney General of New York State , Barbara Underwood, who will supervise the distribution of its remaining monies. She has accused Mr Trump and his three eldest children of using it for private and political gain. This is just one of several legal cases currently swirling around Mr Trump and his family.

Others include a wide-ranging special counsel investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia headed by former FBI chief Robert Mueller. According to New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, her investigation into alleged misconduct could still result in millions of dollars in penalties and sanctions against the president and his three oldest children.

As the Washington Post has reported, Mr Trump frequently used his family foundation — which was funded in large part by outside donations — as a resource to settle business lawsuits and, during the presidential campaign, as a political tool. It is interesting to note the transits of the main players in this dirty dealing.

Trump himself has transiting Pluto conjuncting his vertex in his 5th house of children. Transiting Saturn is also moving through his 5th house of children inconjunct his natal Pluto in his karmic 12th house.

This would push him out of his comfort zone into unknown territory. Transiting Pluto will also inconjunct his north node in the 10th house of career in January, September and October in All these Pluto and Saturn transits will cause a lot of upheaval for Trump and his children.

Trump will have to deal with a series of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter inconjuncts in which have a certain fatedness about them and could cause loss and separation for him.

In the case of Donald Trump Jnr. He is currently separated from his wife. The 7th house can also involve legal issues. Ivanka is the exception being born on 30 October no known time so she has a Scorpio Sun. She will have Uranus inconjunct Uranus and Saturn square Saturn as well as some tricky Neptune transits.

To be continued through and as Mueller joins the dots as he follows 17 different investigations on Trump and Russia! With the Democrats having gained majority in the House there are bound to be more clashes in as the Democrats use their newly gained power.

Some commentators have claimed that this is a typical Trump stunt to distract from the increasing spotlight in his family financial scandals being exposed by the Mueller investigations. In the words of the the leading House Democrat Nancy Pelosi: As I write this piece today Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is exactly conjunct the Sun in the 10th house of our chart.

Pluto is also moving through the 10th house which represents government.

Saturn or Kronos in Mythology

Saturn is the ruler of both Capricorn and the 10th house representing the Establishment, institutions, traditions, the status quo. We have seen the Banking Royal Commission where the CEOs have been called to account for their corrupt and immoral dealings with the public. The Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse of Children has exposed the extent of institutions across the board abusing children.

Sporting institutions have had their share of scandals too. With the immediate resignation of Malcolm Turnbull leaving his blue ribbon Liberal seat of Wentworth up for by-election.

The shock win of the Liberal jewel in the crown by the Independent Dr Kerryn Phelps for the first time in history was not the last shock to be sustained by the Liberal Coalition. In the Victorian state election there was a massive swing against the Liberals forcing not only the Liberal opposition leader, Matthew Guy, but also the Liberal powerbroker, Michael Kroger, to fall on their swords.

School Students Strike against Inaction on Climate Change Thousands of schoolchildren across Australia walked out of class on 30 November to demand action by the federal government on climate change. A large protest was also held in Hobart on Thursday.

The reactions of both the prime minister and Matt Canavan show how out of touch this Liberal National coalition really is: On Friday, the resources minister Matt Canavan said he would prefer students to learn about mining and science.

As we approach a state election in NSW in March and a federal election in May the NSW Liberals are desperate to differentiate themselves from their federal Liberal counterparts on issues such as climate change and Gonski funding etc.

People have now been describing the Liberal party of not so much as having a woman problem but actually a man problem. This was amply illustrated in the recent Liberal party spill for the top job when former foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop was overlooked by her colleagues in favour of her male colleagues Peter Dutton. Julie Bishop donates her iconic red shoes to Democracy Museum.

This led to other Liberal women MPs expressing their sisterhood by also wearing red in. As the year closes the statistics for the number of women who have been killed by a partner or ex-partner has reached the alarming number of 68 for the year far more people than are killed by terrorist acts in Australia.

Family violence is a national crisis but the government funding for this epidemic is totally inadequate in comparison to the amount poured in from government coffers for terrorism.

President Stuart Fraser welcomes the decision to allow female membership. This is one of the effects of Pluto in Capricorn tearing down old establishments to bring renewal in keeping with the times. Let us hope that will bring more peace, compassion, hope and stability to the world. Sagittarius the archer guides his fiery steed man and horse fused into one He perceives the vision and aims his arrow high that shaft of light and races onwards towards his goal.

The illustration in the astrology card depicts Arjuna, warrior and seeker of spiritual truth in the Indian epic song Bhagavad Gita, and Lord Krsna, his teacher. Krsna urges Arjuna to adopt a path of action freed from fear, reaction and inner conflict, offering a vision of the Self which is shining, limitless and untouched by sorrow.

Let food be sought. The Soul sounds it clarion call: I see the goal, I reach the goal and then I see another. Happy birthday to all the Sagittarians who celebrate their birthdays from 22 November to 21 December. Sagittarius is one of the four mutable signs, the others being Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.

It forms the triplicity of fire signs along with Aries and Leo. This duality symbolises the battle between the higher aspirations of man versus the lower natures of our animal nature.

The glyph on the physical plane corresponds to the haunches, loins, thighs and the upper limbs. The head of the arrow depicts the fusion of the legs into one thrusting unit and the line of the bottom of the shaft represents the knees. Therefore, Sagittarius is the seat of locomotion in the body as it the action of both moving legs that propels him toward achieving his goal.

This represents the single pointedness of Sagittarius who has the potential to transcend his dualism and become focused and achieve synthesis in fusing his duality into wholeness. In the Northern hemisphere Sagittarius is the last sign to complete its cycle before the beginning of the new year.

There it marks a period of long nights and short days with autumn taking its leave followed by the hibernation of the winter months. Sagittarius also marks a period of celebration with the winter solstice which brings thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years Day all under the auspices of the following sign of Capricorn.

There is an additional frontal star called Al Naal — the point which is the head of the arrow. It is inverted and gets its name because its handle is placed in a star cloud of the Milky Way. The Archer is eternally after the Scorpio with his arrow aimed directly at Antares, the great red heart of the Scorpion.

Although the actual constellation is not spectacular from an astronomical point of view, the region in space in which this asterism is placed most certainly is. The constellation Sagittarius is unique in that it points toward the Galactic Centre.

Sagittarius is easily found low in the southern sky of summer. It is bordered on the east by Capricorn, on the west by Scorpio, on the north by Aquila, the Eagle, and on the northwest by the Serpent.

The three constellations Bailey alludes to are Lyra, Draco and Aquila. Lyra is the seven stringed harp upon which the aspirant learns to play and make music with his life.

Ara is the altar upon which the aspirant places all, detaching himself so that he may more perfectly and fully serve. Draco is the serpent of wisdom, Summing up the role of Sagittarius, Bailey says: And hovering over two other constellations: Three birds, on perceiving Hercules, swoop down upon him but Hercules holds his ground warding off their attacks with his heavy club.

At first he tries to kill them with a quiverful of arrows but to no avail. Then he remembered the wise counsel given to him by his Teacher: Frightened by this terrible noise the birds arise out of the marshes and Hercules mounts onto his winged horse and shoots them with his arrows.

Bailey explains the esoteric symbolism of the myth. In ancient mysteries the newly admitted brother had to sit in silence, he was not allowed to walk or speak: That is the lesson of Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the little gate to Capricorn. There are two cosmic gates: Cancer, the gate into incarnation: Capricorn, the gate into the spiritual kingdom.

Bailey says she likes to think of it as the little gate at the foot of the hill through which one passes before climbing the mountain and in passing through that little gate, we demonstrate our ability to rightly use the arrows of thought. That is the great test. Alice Bailey explains the esoteric symbolism behind the three man-eating birds and the marshes.

The marshes are a symbol of the mind plus emotions. The birds that did the most harm were three in number. In one book they are enumerated: Symbolically, the role of the Sagittarian is to get these birds out of the marshes where they can be seen and conquered. Sagittarius rules the ninth house of the birth chart which has dominion over philosophy, religion, metaphysics, law, publishing, higher education, long distance travel and sport.

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Jupiter, its ruling planet, is the giant of our solar system, times larger than our planet Earth. It also spins faster than any other planet. Like the other fire signs Aries and Leo, Sagittarians are extroverts. Their role is to disseminate their knowledge and this they do with great enthusiasm, no matter what career they undertake.

Nostradamus, the famous French seer, was one such Sagittarian whose famous quatrains predicted the future. Another prophet of the new millennium is Arthur C.

A Space Odyssey captured the imagination of the collective. The Final Odyssey actually takes place on one of the moons of Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius.

Clarke took his writing very seriously, believing that science fiction writers performed an important role in predicting the future and raising the moral issues arising from the technological and space age.

More Inspiration

Another very visionary and creatively gifted Sagittarian is Steven Spielberg who was inspired by the imagination of Walt Disney and is now acknowledged as much as his former childhood hero through such movies as ET. Another Sagittarian whose spiritual teachings and healings have inspired millions of seekers is Sai Baba. Sagittarians, with their natural predilection to think big, can become very successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

One such famous Sagittarian is Andrew Carnegie who donated hundreds of millions of dollars amassed from his fortune made in steel to typical Jupiterian causes, such as libraries, education and peace.

The Sagittarian, like the Centaur he represents, can be prone to bawdiness and boisterousness. These qualities are epitomised by the two show business icons, Billy.

Connelly and Bette Midler, whose larger than life jovial personalities have entertained millions with their downright bawdy and often outrageous jokes and antics. As well as ruling the hips and gluteal muscles, Sagittarius rules the sciatic nerve, iliac arteries and veins.

It also has considerable influence over the liver, lungs and motor nerves. Structurally it rules the four vertebrae of the coccyx, the sacral bones and femur.

Afflictions associated with this sign are rheumatism, sciatica, nervous disorders, hypersensitivity, heart and lung disease and eye disorders. Under the microscope the molecules of this cell salt are pointed and triangular like an arrow head, the symbol for Sagittarius.

Wherever there is pus to be discharged such as in boils, abscesses, carbuncles etc. Silica has a very definite action upon the sweat glands of the skin, and is a remedy for perspiration of the feet; copious night sweats and insufficient perspiration.

Other indications for this cell salt are red eyelids; caries of the bones; tonsillitis; ulceration of the throat; styes of the eyelids; cataracts; dullness of hearing with catarrh of the eustachian tubes. Silica gives the glossy finish to hair and nails. Individuals born under this sign need to guard against chest or lung troubles, being the polar opposite sign of Gemini which rules the chest and lungs, blood disorders, and poor digestion.

They are liable to suffer from nerve depletion from over-exhaustion. Bush walking and mountain climbing are ideal exercises for these free spirited individuals, enabling them to exercise their hips and thighs and promote deep breathing to strengthen any possible chest weakness.

Being a hot and choleric sign they should avoid stimulants and intoxicating beverages. Their diet should include fruits that have cooling effect on their system such as citrus, berries and bananas. Grains such as oats, wheat and barley are beneficial for the nervous system of the highly-strung Sagittarian. Other suitable foods include asparagus, corn, endive, cucumber, red cabbage and apples.

Aromatherapy oils that can be a balm for the highly active Sagittarian include bergamot, calendula, lemon balm, and rosemary.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Good news for Sagittarians! Jupiter, your ruling planet and the planet of good fortune, moves in to your sign on 8 November which will imbue with enthusiasm, a sense of optimism and support you in achieving your goals. Jupiter rules travel, the higher mind, philosophy and law.

It promotes a sense of adventure and opportunities for new experiences. If you are looking for a steady commitment you may be disappointed as the erratic energy of retrograde Uranus may bring some surprises.

It could be a case of expect the unexpected and not the time to make firm commitments but rather just go along for the ride. This sector also rules children and creativity so there can be upheavals in this area of your life.

Positively you may impress everyone with your unique creativity. Some cosmic visitors make an appearance in your relationship and marriage sector. Mercury, the planet of communication pays a visit here from 30 May to 12 June facilitating communication with your partner.

Finances Your finance sector will be highlighted by 2 eclipses — a solar partial eclipse on 6 January and a lunar partial eclipse on 16 July Your debt and tax sector will also be highlighted by the karmic North Node and a total solar eclipse on 2 July Pluto, the lord of the Underworld, continues his journey through your finance sector.

Pluto can push you out of your comfort zone and you may feel that making enough money is a matter of life and death as Pluto challenges your deepest primal fears. Whichever way the dice falls for you from rags to riches or vice versa you are sure to be re-evaluating your attitude to finances and possessions and in the process re-evaluating you self-worth.

Saturn, the planet of restraint, continues its sojourn through your finance sector which would make budget restraint advisable. Venus will enhance your finances when she graces your finance sector with her presence from 25 December to 18 January Home and Family Neptune and Chiron continue their sojourn through your domestic sector.

Neptune, the planet of losses and sacrifices, continues its 14 year sojourn in your sector of home and family. You may find that you have to surrender some ideals regarding your home and family and formulate new ones. The fourth house also represents your core self so you may undergo a deep inner transformation and feel the need to withdraw to do some soul-searching.

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You may have to sacrifice your time and energy to look after a sick loved one. There may be dissolution of the family through divorce or loss of a family member. However its presence is felt, Neptune will be teaching you the lesson of non-attachment with regard to your home and family.

Other cosmic visitors to your domestic sector include Chiron, the planetoid concerned with wounding and healing, as well as Mars, Mercury and Venus.

Quicksilver Mercury visits from 19 February to 6 March which will facilitate communication among family members and is also an excellent time to organise tradespeople to do repairs. Gentle Venus will grace your domestic sector with her presence from 11 February to 6 March bringing harmony on the domestic front.

Other celestial influences here are Venus and Mercury. Mercury pays a visit here for an extended visit from 7 March to 13 May facilitating communication and playfulness with your children.

Travel and Education In your travel and education sector will be highlighted by a total lunar eclipse on 21 January Two other cosmic visitors will be Mercury and Venus.